Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cusco Wednesday 4th May

We have been in this gorgeous city for a day, after a 6hr bus ride from Puno yesterday. The ride across was brilliant, as I (Cathy) had not been looking forward to being on a bus for the best part of the day (left the hotal at 7.15am for the bus station and arvd in Cusco around 2.30pm), stunning scenery of landscapes, the alto plano (tablelands), Andes, the Sacred Valley and a change of the farming - no longer stoned walls plots, vast fields of corn, and we even spotted a tractor or two, followed a gorgeous river into Cusco (sure to be trout in it!), of course the usual bizarre happening in the towns that we travelled through - Rob & I are quite convinced that there is no such thing as a building inspector in this country!

Cusco is easy to get around, and we have expored on foot the usual targets....musesums, churches, plazas, monuments up on the hills - good puff puff training!!!, and of course finally found great places for coffees....oh and more souvenir shopping! Great meal out last night, you will have to wait and see how hilarious we looked, as this was not your typical sort of restaurant, when photos posted (next week).

Bags packed tonight for our 4.45am hit the floor arise, and we leave the hotel at start on our next adventure......trekking the Inca Trail.....we are very excited and get this.......for the 12 of us there are 15 porters, 2 guides, a cook and the cook´s assistant....yip so with 19 people as our support crew we feel pretty special......hope I cope with tramping in NZ when I return :)

So out of range for the next 5 days and catch up next week. Adios!

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