Saturday, 14 May 2011

Jungle Chix Now..Tues 10 May to Thurs 13

We have now traveled by plane to Puerto Maldonado a town in the South of the Amazon Basin right next to Brazil border.  From here we traveled by van for an hour then by a motorized canoe for 1 hour til we get to our Explorers Inn, a natural reserve where researchers from all over the world come and complete their projects.  A very real Amazon experience... buray type accommodation, thatched roofs, bamboo walls etc.  No electricity, so candle light dinners and early to bed.  This was not a problem as it was a very active trip.  Out in the evening viewing the Camines' crocodiles family.... white or black... living in the river and visible at night time.  This was followed the next day by a 5km walk into the jungle to a lake to view the giant otters.... interesting attire...gumboots not only for the mud but also for our protection from snakes etc.

I think walking in the mud for 2 hours there was harder than the Inca.... plus the fact that it was over 30 degrees and 95% humidity... but the sightings of the turtle, fire ants, termites, monkeys, numerous birds etc along the way kept us all enthralled!

Back at the ranch we also had a visit from a family of monkeys, boa snake, and the resident ´´ Tarantula´´´.  All made for wonderful photography...

Our guides Marco and Paul were well versed at the information on the Amazon and kept us well informed.

Back from the jungle to Lima now, and after some last day shopping we are now waiting for our taxi to the airport.  Problems with Blogspot yesterday so couldn't get this posted and upload photos... try again soon.

Will be traveling Sat/Sun now forward to Monday 8am our ETA so wont be in touch.  See you all when we get back... BFN Rob and Cathy

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