Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday 1 May at Lake Titicaca

Alot has happened since my last post.... we travelled from Ariquepa to Chivay in the Colca Canyon area.  Hot springs lovely... and visited the Canyon with the flight of the Condors the biggest flying bird but want to check on our albatross for sizing.  Absolutely stunning and we had heaps of them flying.  See the pics below.
Then onto our village for a homestay  what a change of lifestyle but bizarre at the same time.  They live in stone heating accept for the oven in the kitchen with the dirt floor, setout like a court yard with one small building for kitchen, one for our bedroom, one building for the main bedroom and another for the children.  Marina was our ¨mama¨for the night, she would have been in her thirties with children 16, 13 and 7.  We went fishing with a line wrapped around a tin and a hook, scratched for bait in the dirt, something like a huhu grub and Cathy was so excited to be trout fishing in Peru - but no fish ate her bait! We saw a couple of guys fishing with a net that they throw out into the river and lands in a circular motion, has led weights on the edge and then each throw picks up these small trout that are only about 10cm in length. We got to have 2 baby trout each for breakfast, along with a good helping of rice and fried chips!! This is the land of carb loading - potatoes, rice, bread seem to be the staple diet for these people. Bit of a play in the village square in the evening, dinner of soup, potatoes, cheese and bread. Sleep bit ho hum as in the night there were dogs barking, donkeys braying and trucks rumbñing through as there is a copper mine in the hills behind the village. Early start as brekkie at 6am and on the bus 6.30pmish, a bit of a drive and them we trekked along a river canyon for 2 and a half hours, an ancient trail used by the Inca and pre Inca people. Absolutely stunning scenery, this is a very beautiful country when you are in the natural areas, amazing rock formations, river and  the gorge very pretty, plant life diverse. terracing that was once used and in some parts of this trail still in use for farming, sky is blue every day - we gasped a bit on the uphill part of the walk. This is the 3rd walk for us over 3 days, so good intro to the altitude we are at - around 12,000ft or 3,800m.

Then an 6 hour bus trip to Puno at Lake Titicaca ...beautioful hotel...fantastic showers and lovely soft bed and how you appreciate a good pillow!!!!   In the evening we completed our orientation walk around the city a small area around the square with some very nice shops and lovely restaurants. 

Off to our homestay tonight at Llachon on Lake Titicaca and our boat ride there.... so watch this space.

Our Siboya ....homestay village
Our 3 hour tramp.....

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