Monday, 9 May 2011

Inca Trail...Monday 9 May 2011

Well we did it!!  Treked the 48km of the Inca Trail, climbed to 4,200m high at the Dead womens pass.... named due to the shape of the outline of the pass not due to women dying lol.,  Descended on 10000s of steps.  What a trek!  No altitude sickness but we did get breathless especially when we were exerting our selves... mostly a matter pacing ourselves.

The Intrepid package was amazing with 17 porters included a chef and assistance.  We would arrived at camp with our tents already errected and a bowl of warm water and beautiful hand made soap awaiting us.  We were fed amazing breakfasts, dinners and teas... we think they could make a recipe book out of the meals and raise money for the Intrepid charities.

Our first day was a warm up day in more ways than one... it was supposed to warm up our muscles but the sun was so hot it warmed me up in particular... I was not expecting this type of heat. and it took me all night to get back to normal!!  By the time we got to the start of the Inca trail by bus, we started trekking at 10am and arrived at our camp at 4ish.

Day 2 was our biggest with two passes to climb and our longest... but as I have indicated pacing ourselves we soon got there...apparently we were one of the fastest group Intrepid had had.
Stunning scenery, and many opportunities for photos were taken up to the full... I fulled up a 4gb sd card!!  We were now getting into the higher altitude and the mountainous green glacial views were stunning.  Along with this height came the many steps mostly downwards.  The porter ran down the steps which we managed to complete with our trekking poles for support.  Some steps were big but not the metre size our guide had suggested. 

Day 3 - We now started to get into various Inca Ruins which we visit off the track.  A great time to learn the history of the area and Incas by our Guide Guido and Ludwig and a time to rest.  We also start to see orchids and beautiful flowers, hummingbirds and butterflies. 

Day 4:  Up at 3.30am to pack up and let the porters get down to there train pickup and for us to get through the check points ready to trek to the Sun Gate about 1.5 hours with the last 10 mins vertical climb but our goal was very close.

Absolutely stunning views to Machu Picchu, photo session galore, unbelievably location and size. 
We are just in awe of there construction and scale of what was created in that era.

Can't talk long for now... at Internet cafe and no uploading.... out for dinner.
Tomorrow off to the Amazon for a couple of nights... will update if we can. 

BFN Cathy and Robyn

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