Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wed 27 April

Arrived in Ariquepa on an overnight bus.... that was an interesting experience especially when you sleep on your side.  Bout the same as sleeping in a plane with less leg room. Änd then we had some sick on the bus which doesn´t help you not feel sick yourself.  Left Nasca at 10pm and arrived at Ariquepa at 7.30pm

our Hotel above... Ariquepa

Posh houses....
Our hotel is El Conquistador which is a very very old colonial building with very very thick stone structure and has survived many earthquakes.  They had an 7.8 in 2004 and the cathedral spires have been rebuilt so there is hope for Chch.

This is a lovely city, clean and they seem to drive better.... not the insecent honking of horns and the people seem more friendly.  We went on a orientation of the city and went to some colonial squares with churches, monestories etc, checked out the baby alpaca shops, and the Alpaca centre to see the alpacas and the knitters.  Three months to knit (weave) a scarf in the traditional way.

Meals here are absolutely huge and they have the main meal in the middle of the day.  I ordered an entre of the traditional meal of potatoe pie and stuffed hot chilli pepper with mince mixture and still couldn´t eat it all.
Jess warned us that it would be colder here, but we find it very nice... just a cool breeze to keep us from getting too hot.  We have to be very vigilant with the sunblock as they all get easily burnt.  There is polution here mostly from the diesel cars and perhaps the mining.  The ozone hole is above this town so we have to be careful... already got sunburnt in lima.

We are not at approx 2500m above sea level.  apart from the odd puffy ankles which i think came from heat...we are all ok. 
Slept, rested, shopped and toured the churches etc today.  Out for late tea tonight, more of a snack I am sure.  Off to Cusco Canyon tomorrow

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