Saturday, 23 April 2011

Arrival Friday midnight

We have arrived!!  With a 10 hour stop over in Santiago, Chile and no internet computers available (unless we were a VIP) we finally arrived in Lima, Peru.  Plenty of naps and sleeps while we got through the time zones and sure glad to get our bed when we arrived at midnight.  We are 17 hours behind you so we promise not to text you in the middle of the night! Off today to check out the sights of Lima  Miraflores a beach promenade- its is warm and sunny about 24 deg so a dip maybe in order.

A couple of excited Intrepid Explorers leaving Christchurch
On our way out through Auckland....
Anna some fascinating art work here in the hotel you like my creative photography?


  1. Excellent, I love the photo of the artworks, they look fantastic, not to mention your creative photography of them of course.

    Hey did you know that when you post your photos you can make them larger or smaller ??

    Larger would be good...unless you are afraid the "smile lines" will show or something !