Saturday, 23 April 2011

Miraflores Lima Day 1

We have started as we mean to go on.... fly with the birds.  I (Robyn)had wonderful time paragliding off the cliffs of Lima... amazing!!!!!!!!  We explored Miraflores to the beach.  Managed to get money out of the bank machines and get change.  Sure is strange not being able to speak the same language. ...alot of hand signals going on. 

Went out for tea to Tanta.... scrumptious meals and tried Chicha Punch...a black fruit purple...

 Then went to a park with 20 x fountains really fun... and last one was a concert with video, colours and music.  A real spectacular show.
This was so much fun..... people stood on the display then the fountain would "play" around them...they all got wet but the kids loved it.  The fountain would stop and start to music and different forms and height. Needed to video it to get the full picture!
This is the show with colour, music, video... spectacular!!!!!

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