Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Nasca Tuesday 26 April

Feeling now as if we have been away for weeks.  The fishy smell has gone as in Pisca, and in Nasca it is very hot.  Not a huge town but adequate to find a few hotels and restaurants.  We are feeling more game in exploring on our own and speaking some spanish to the locals.

heaps of fruit stalls.... rock melons, mangos, mandarins, prunes, papaya, bananas.... plucked poultry sitting on stalls.... they seem to like buns for breakfast with fried egg and some patty.  The local take away is deep fried chicken, chips with mustart sauce !!

Asparagus is grown all year round here for export... not sure how they do this with the tropical climate that it is...but have seen paddocks of green foliage of asaparagus and some still being cut.

They don{t seem to having planning structure...you find a chook farm here and there... not close together... military and industry just dotted all over the place.  They build huge brick walls around there land to show possession and to keep the squaters out... you only have to squat and show you are doing something on the land to keep it... and if you want your land back it takes years in the courts to prove your original ownership.  Very hit and miss and very nomadic in some ways.  there are many "shanty towns" starting in lima where they looked like they had prime land...up on what appeared to be like our port hills, but when you got close you realised these hills were just sand and the shacks were made out of any material they could get out of the dumps... no roof in many cases...no need as not much rain but needed for shade mostly.  These shanty towns were allowed when there as terrorists in the inland hills area and they came into the towns to protect themselves.  there are no roading up the hills, so the organisation and structure has never taken place...no power, no water and everything they want they have to carry in..though this is starting to change apparently... BUT... they have the best views one could ask for.... over the pacific ocean... bizarre!...

Back to Nasca... having a morning off. We didnt do the aerial flight over the nasca lines.. just wanted some time to do our own thing and catch our thoughts....  Buy some fruit and find a good cuppa of coffee.  No lattes or flat whites around here.. mostly poured out as coffee shots...good quality though!!

Adios... amigos xx

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