Sunday, 24 April 2011

Day 2 Sunday 24

We are off today to "Downtown Lima" with our guide.  Yesterday we ventured out on our own with our map and stuck to the "yellow" lines the safe zone.  There were several police and security guards everywhere so we felt safe.  With the holiday weekend it is very busy here and there was a christian party in the park with a stage and different performances for the families.  Though it didn"t feel like we were in a city of 8.2million.

We are venturing off on a local bus today.   It is wonderful to have our tour guide  "Jess" with us now.  She negotiated the taxis last night for us which can be a rip off if you don"t know spanish and are obviously a tourist. Jess ...not sure what her full name is to spell it.... so we call her that.  She is from Araquepa, a town we will get to on about Day 3-4.  Shorter than us and is married with a seven year old boy.  It is unusual for a married woman here to work in her position as a tourism guide.  The woman are expected to stay at home with the children... especially if you are married to a "macho" man as she calls them. (99% of peruvian men by the sound of it)

I am uploading the photos from yesterday while I am typing this takes a while.  Strange computers ...the keyboard is totally different, even to get the " @" is a Alt +4+6  and the descriptions drop down in Spanish so I either guess the meaning or know off by heart where file open, file save is and thanks to the good old shortcuts Control X  etc.....

Once we get back from our Downtown trip we are off in a tourist bus to Pisca ...ready to sample the traditional Pisca Sour so more on that later.....

It is warm sea misty day here...but not hot yet.  Sun similar to home here and can get burnt very I did yesterday even with sun block and sun hat...only takes 10mins overdue sunblock to burn.

Sleeping well but then I can sleep through storms(Robyn)...Cathy not so much and she still blocked with a cold.  The traffic is very noisy here...they keep tooting at every intersection or for whatever reason ... and there doesn´t seem to be any clear road rules just push in, change your mind about your direction when you feel like it and they all do it so they accept it.  The taxi rides are certainly an adventure ....lock the doors and hang on.  But we arrived safely to our destinations and haven´t seen any accidents...thats just the way they are here.

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