Tuesday, 26 April 2011

At Pisca Monday 25 April

Writing this on Tuesday 26 as no computers at Pisca Hotel.  so hot today can hardly link and this computer keyboard is in a need to a revamp so you will have to put up with unchecked type....

Pisca is a fishing area town that was hit by an earthquake according to my books in 2008 8 on the Richter scale.  Our Hotel if good... but mostly around the roads are still showing the damage from the earthquake.  The church in the square is being repaired but they do not have enough money to repair the roads yet.

This morning we went to Parasca, the port where we catch the boat to take us to Ballastas Islands where there are millions of birds of many varieties including the Inca Tern.  This is a very prolific fishing area and there are many fishing boats in the harbour.... looks just like something from the Greek Islands....

There are pelicans on the seashore and the locals feed them fish and have tamed them for a show and photo opportunity....for donation.

The trip out to the island was in good sized boats...I wont say jet boats but Cathy will have more of an idea what type.  Very touristy boats and generally in a good condition.  There doesn't always seem to be much red tape or restrictions around here, though the tour guides are excellent and guide us to the safe options.

Calm and mild and warm weather has followed us so far, and this is the climate. Not like our changeable Nor east  and southerlies.  It hasn't rained here for a long time...  We were also shown the lines in the hill similar to Nasca lines and they think they are connected but many miles apart.  However these are setout on a very sandy hillside so not sure how they haven't blown away......  will upload pics when get to a better computer...no USB port on this one.

the island harvests the bird droppings for fertiliser and the island is protected as in bird life but also three guards live there three months at a time.  The seals there were also numerous and there were many pups with their mums.  Tourism here is key to the economy of the town.  However, cant escape the fishy smell especially in Pisca.

Also visited winery where pisca alcohol is made... like a fermented wine..think will find it is  more of a vermouth as it is 43% alcohol...found this out after we had to try 9 variety's of shots (small samples but drunk like a shot none the less) the first one stripped my throat it was so strong...  and all this early in the afternoon too lol.

Next stop was huacachina.... we had been traveling in what i would describe at Mackenzie country...dry and barron hills... which gradually changed to huge port hill sized sand dunes and amongst this is huacachina...the oasis.  a lovely lake with hotel and swimming pool, markets etc.  the activity here was sand boarding where you go on these dune buggies up these steep sand dunes and boogy board down... Cathy can tell you more about that later.  i enjoyed the lovely swim in the pool, walk around the lake and some shopping at the stalls with practice on the locals for my Spanish.

Nasca was our next stop..... the highway is  easy traveling... however we arrived at the lines on sunset so only could see a couple from the viewing tower. 
Explored Nasca town at night... much the same as other towns... unfinished homes due to the tax they have to pay on finished homes.. but here the roading is ok..no earthquake here. 

Food is very much rice and slopping type mash potatoes with lamb, beef, stir fry, heaps seafood, lots avocados,  scrumptious fruit smoothies minus the yoghurt.... and lovely Pisca sour... which is a mix of lemon, Pisca, whisked egg white.  We will be getting the recipe tomorrow when we getting demo done.

we have one sick we think from eating a salad but not too many pit stops on the way... one accident with a truck of fruit and veges turned over on the hills.... police were there so not many of the locals had arrived to score the goods... if no police they would have been there in the hoards apparently.

Jess our guide is a hoot....great sense of humor... always tricking us and teachings us the naughty Spanish words....  Jodies name in Spanish is close to our most common swear word so we have to be careful how we say it!!  learned our names in  Peru Spanish today... Caterina (i spelt it how it is said) and Rubina is mine.... 

hope to upload a batch of pics on Wednesday when we at Arequipa... the 2nd biggest city.. and also Jesse's home town. We are traveling overnight to this town in a bus leaving 10pm so hope we all sleep well.

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